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Most Popular Interior Paint Colors in 2022

By: Jennifer Estrada

Oftentimes, when we think of sprucing up our homes, we usually do it for several reasons, including wanting an aesthetic shake-up after a significant amount of time with the same design scheme, or we remodel with the intention of increasing the value of the home. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is a great way to achieve both goals while also exercising your creative muscles. However, before going ahead, it’s important to recognize why you are repainting and find the balance between colors that are popular and those that speak to your personal tastes. Our team is here to break down the best interior paint colors of the past year so you can make the best decision for your home and maximize your comfort.



A homeowner can never go wrong with a classic white swatch. One of the most timeless and malleable choices, white is a color that is open, bright, and reflective. If you’re looking to refresh the interior, give it new life, and even make it feel like a bigger space than it may seem, white is the way to go. 

While it alters the feel of the room, white is also the perfect backdrop to try any new design choices or redecorating you’ve been itching to get done. Whether you choose a rich white, like Sherwin-Williams’ “Snowbound” hue and Behr’s “Ultra Pure White,” or a creamier shade like Sherwin-Williams’ “Alabaster” selection, the clean and crisp feel the color brings makes it one of the top choices for homeowners year after year. 



A tint known for its calming and warm feel, blue is another popular interior paint color for those looking to shake up their home’s look. If you’re wanting to turn your space into a cozier setting, blue is the perfect color to do it. On the other hand, versatile as it is, blue is also a color that can give your home the necessary pop you’re looking for—if you choose the right shade, which is. 

With blue being such a staple in design circles, homeowners are often presented with a wide array of options, many of which, if chosen, can set the mood of an entire space immediately. For example, if your aim is to make a space feel intimate and inviting—or even fashionably edgy—darker, more muted colors like Behr’s “Very Navy,” Sherwin-Williams’ “Jay Blue,” and even Benjamin Moore’s “Gentleman’s Gray” can do the trick. 

Conversely, if you decide on a lighter color that is more likely to replicate the elusive airy feel of a summer day or oceanic vibes for family and friends, several interesting options arise. Behr’s “Sea of Tranquility” and “Wave Top” shades are perfect for a funky pop of color that feels like a vacation the minute you walk in. Sherwin-Williams’ “After the Rain” and “Cloudless” are also great choices if you’re looking for that summery yet cozy feel that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a good book.



Gray, a color that has risen in prominence in recent years, is another chic option for homeowners looking to mix it up. Although it may not seem like it, gray is a color with an incredible amount of flexibility. It can be used as a neutral color, or it can be expanded to add personality, contrast, and drama to your space.

Depending on the purpose you want your space to serve, several options are available that can help you upgrade your room. For example, if your goal is to cover your space in a hue that can give the room personality while complementing your decorative tastes, a light gray would be the most fitting choice to serve as a backdrop. Sherwin-Williams’ “Gray Screen” has been one of the most popular selections to do the job.

On the other hand, an intermediate, solid gray color can also work if you’re looking for a swatch that can provide a good contrast while not overwhelming the space. A good choice could be Sherwin-Williams’ “Lazy Gray” or Behr’s “Dynasty” tint. 

Moreover, if you are firm regarding your choice of a darker gray, you can transform your room into a moody, sleek, modern space. The starkness and severity of a deep gray can give a room a storm-like feel while also make it feel up-to-date stylistically, providing a great balance. Some swatches that can accomplish this include Sherwin-Williams’ “Serious Gray,” Behr’s “Marquee” shade, and Benjamin Moore’s “Gray.” 



As you can see, colors like white, blue, and gray—some of the most popular interior paint colors of the past year—can vastly improve the design of your home, depending on your personal tastes. With such variations in styles, purpose, and atmosphere, you can have the freedom to express yourself stylistically and turn the interior of your home into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Although the options can be daunting, we hope we’ve given you the necessary knowledge to take that first step in the design process!









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