Selling A Home

Clean out all the clutter

It will help open up the space and makes the home look bigger and younger.

Reassess your furniture

If rooms are overcrowded, remove big pieces and store offsite. Make sure that there is nothing obstructing a buyer’s focal points such as fireplaces and views


Wash the windows, clean the cobwebs out of the corner and scrub grout in tile floors. Clean furniture because it will enhance the overall first impression.

Spruce up the Outside

Add a new doormat, new house #s (if applicable) and maybe a fresh mailbox. Paint the front door and if needed, the exterior of the home.

Refresh your landscape

Clean up flower beds, add fresh mulch and/or pine straw and be sure trees and bushes are trimmed, neat and kept.


Besides the potential need to paint the exterior, be sure interior rooms have neutral colors. If kitchen cabinets look old and dated, you can paint these too. Be sure to choose a color that matches the rest of the kitchen.

Clean or replace light fixtures and cabinet hardware

This isn’t expensive and will really bring new appeal to the home.

Replace old carpeting

If there are hardwoods underneath, then exposing them is ideal.

Make sure each room has a defined purpose

If a dining room was turned into an office, return it to a dining room. You can still put up a “tent card” that can say “Dining Room or Office” if you want to show flexible space.

This would also be true in a bedroom you are using as an office.


    What type of property are you selling?

    What area is your property in?

    What is your timeframe for selling?