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Icing Christmas Cookies

We found some fun icing to decorate cookies with! They are bottles of Wilton cookie icing and you twist them open like bottles of school glue! It was so much fun and easy to use. The kids found them very manageable and decorating cookies for them was a breeze. The clean-up was super easy tooa¦ We had to twist the bottles closed and rinse them off! This is certainly a fun project that I would recommend that you try at home with your family. After we iced the cookies, but before they were dry, we used sprinkles and different candies to make them unique! Unlike some icing, these did dry hard so that we could stack them when we were finished!

The best part of all, you can use store bought cookies that are already cut out in holiday shapesa¦ Twist open a bottle of frosting, sprinkle a few m&ma™s and you have wonderful decorated cookies.

We found a three pack of Wilton icing at the Target Store located on Spout Springs in Flowery Branch about a ten minute drive from Trilogy Park, Ashbury Park and Stonewater Creek subdivisions.

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