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You've bought a new home. Now what?

You’ve bought your first brand new home- now what do you do? After weeks of searching for a new home and going under contract, there are still quite a few things to remember after your closing.

Make sure you set up your utilities as soon as possible. If you do not have a list, many times you can Google utilities where you live. When you call and give them your address, they will be able to tell you if they service your area. Gas is deregulated, so you can use who ever offers the best rates. The On-site Agent that you purchased the home from will usually keep a list handy to give to residents after they move in. Please remember that your utilities will be cut off after a certain period of time if not transferred out of the Seller’s name and into yours. Hanover Place in Alpharetta keeps a list handy and even places the list in your home for your walk through with the Builder. This is helpful because then you can have all of your utilities set up in your name on the day you close.

Another important item to remember is that your yard and all of the landscaping in it is new. The plants need attention during the first few months so that they may take root and establish themselves. Most home builders will not warranty trees and plants, so be sure to keep them watered until they are well established. You may even want to consider setting up a lawn service company to make sure the grass is weed free and well fertilized. In Hanover Place, the Home Owner’s Association cuts the grass in the front and backyard, saving your time and money!

Also remember that your filters in your furnace need to be changed once a month. I recommend changing them every two weeks for the first two months in a new home to help filter out some of the dust that accumulated in the construction process.

Make sure you forward your mail to the post office, which can now be done online. If you aren’t moving into your new home right away, designate someone to check your new mail box frequently till you get there. If you are someone that can not live with out the daily newspaper, set it up before you close on your new home to have it delivered as soon as you move in. If you’re not moving too far away, you may even be able to transfer your subscription to your new address.

Don’t forget curtains and blinds for your new home! In a pinch, Home Depot and Lowes sell paper accordion blinds for a minimal price that are meant to be short term fix. They can easily be measured and cut with scissors and they stick in place with temporary peel and stick adhesive.

Something else that does not need to be done right away, but that you will want to think about is staining your new deck or fence. You don’t need to do it first thing when you move in, but you should definitely put it on your calendar and try to do it within a few months. Always check with your HOA prior to painting or staining anything in your yard. There may be certain stains that are approved or required in your community. It’s always better to check and do it right the first time.

Make sure you keep a running list of items that might be covered under warranty so that you may send in a list of items all together and get them taken care of at one time instead of over a longer period. Of course if it happens to be something major like a leak or an AC unit not working; contact your warranty department right away! Check with your Builder to find out what type of warranty you have. Home South Communities offers an excellent 2-10 warranty!

Buying a new home is an exciting step, and once you have taken care of the items we mentioned above, you will have a much more enjoyable and relaxing time in your new home.

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