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Tips for New Home Owners

Tips for New Home Owners: You have closed on your new home there are a few things that you should take a few minutes to do.

Find a secure place to store instruction manuals to appliances, the water heater, furnace, warranty booklet, insurance documents and phone numbers to contractors; such as Heating and Air, and Plumbing.


Change the address on your driver as license or apply for a new one if moving from another state.


Register for school.


Apply for a homestead exemption with the local county tax office.


Register your vehicles if moving from out of state.


Fill out the manufacturera™s warranty cards for all new appliances and mail them in.


Store all touch up paint (or save paint numbers from labels) in a common area, but not close to the water heater or furnace.


Locate the water main valve, gas shut off valve, electrical service panel and main shut off switch.


Vacuum the heating and cooling ducts.


Apply grout sealer to ceramic tile.


Install floor protector pads to the bottom of furniture legs that will come into contact with hardwood floors.


Introduce yourself to the new neighbors.


Offer your boxes to someone else who is moving.


Take lots of photos of your home before you move in and after you have it all set up. This will allow you to share with friends and family.


Enjoy your new home!


Holt Builders is selling new homes at Stonewater Creek andAshburyParkinHoschton,GA.We would love to show you what is available. Please visit us soon.

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