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Tamra’s Buyer Insight - Why Do I Need a Warranty?

When buying a home, you’re making a huge investment, most likely the largest and most important investment you’ll ever make. So, you’re probably looking for a little extra peace of mind in the process. But with so many costs associated with purchasing your home (especially your first home) you might be asking yourself if a warranty is really necessary on top of everything else. Our answer? Yes, absolutely.


The simple reasoning behind a home warranty is that it provides that little extra peace of mind most new homeowners crave. A warranty is, in some ways, similar to insurance – you pay a fee, and if an unexpected repair in your new home is necessary, and it’s covered under the warranty’s terms, the cost of the repair will be covered partially or in whole by your warranty provider.


While everything in the home may not be covered by a warranty, the major systems throughout a house and those that are the most costly to repair are generally included. A warranty on your new home may cover electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating and cooling systems, and appliances like the washer, dryer, oven, and range. Additionally, New Home Builders may also provide warranties on workmanship and structural integrity. Most warranties expire after a certain period of time, which can span anywhere from a year to a decade depending on what the warranty covers. And, depending on how comprehensive the warranty is, the fee can be in the $300-$600 range. This may sound like a lot up front, but compared to a sky-high repair bill down the road, it’s a great deal.


There’s more to a warranty than just peace of mind, however, especially when you’re buying a brand new home. A new home with a great warranty is a good indication that you’re working with a builder that takes pride in their product. And, a builder warranty program like the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty requires that a builder go through extensive screening to even offer their buyers this service. It’s not just a promise that you’re covered if something should happen, it’s an indication that your builder is offering a quality product.


So to sum up our thoughts, is a warranty really necessary when you’re considering a new home? Yes! From the obvious peace of mind that you get knowing you’re covered should the unexpected occur, to the implied commitment to quality that comes with a home builder’s warranty, it’s a worthwhile investment.


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