Sales Strategy

Setting a Gold Standard of Excellence through Sales Innovation

The Tamra Wade Team is an ensemble of Atlanta’s finest new home sales professionals. We provide comprehensive sales management, staffing and specialized training that ensures cutting edge focus specific to the needs of every community. We match personalities, experience and market location familiarity with every team we assemble to sell and market your community.

“With the efforts of Tamra & her team, we have grown from selling 42 homes in 2011 on $12 million in revenues to nearly 250 homes in 2017 with revenues of $100 million+…They are always available 24/7/365 to get the job done. Home South would not be where we are today with the efforts of the Tamra Wade Team.” – Stephen D. Palmer, Manager, CFO

Onsite Sales Staffing & Training

Customer Support – 7 Days a Week

Pricing Strategy & Floorplan Review

CRM and Weekly Traffic Reporting

Monthly Reporting & Analysis

Broker Relationship Communication