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Keep Your House Secure While You’re on Holiday

With the summer months on the horizon and the perfect window for summer vacations fast approaching, families are currently in the midst of planning their ideal getaway where they can relax and enjoy a break from the stresses of everyday life. Yet, while planning their vacations, homeowners might let their home’s security fall by the wayside or give it minimal thought. In truth, having peace of mind regarding your home’s security while on holiday is vital if you want to enjoy your vacation without worries, so here are a few tips that can help you secure your home while you’re away.


Lock Your Doors

The most obvious task a homeowner must do before leaving to their destination is to lock any doors, windows, garage doors, and other openings that can be used by burglars to enter your home, while removing any spare keys from reachable areas. Doing so can help prevent home invasions and safeguard your belongings. In addition, it’s a good idea to give a key to a trusted friend or neighbor for added reassurance and have them check your home to make sure everything is in working order. Of course, according to Geico, homeowners can also choose to install smart locks in order to remotely control their entryways.


Activate Your Alarm System

Right before you leave for your dream destination, be sure to activate your alarm system and test it. Knowing your alarm is in place is a great source of reassurance for you as a homeowner, while also serving as a deterrent for any thieves looking to trespass. As an added measure, be sure to place your alarm company’s sign on your lawn and alert them to your coming absence. Depending on the depth of your security system, don’t forget to turn on any cameras, and if your system can be operated remotely from a device, make sure those are synchronized and squared away as well.


Be Mindful of Your Social Media Posts

Another way to beef up your holiday home security is to watch what you post on social media about your vacation—and be mindful of who is allowed to see your posts. It’s best if you post any vacation pictures after you’ve returned from your trip so as to not let potential thieves know you’re away from your home. On the other hand, you can also manipulate your social media settings, so your pictures are only available for your trusted friends to view.


Protect Your Valuables

One of the most important steps to take before you leave home for vacation is to safeguard any valuable objects, jewelry, money, or documents you may have. Diamonds, money, credit cards, and even birth certificates and social security numbers are of top value for any burglar, who could use them to steal your identity or cause massive financial damage. Your best bet, according to State Farm, is to lock these valuables in a safe where you know they won’t be found or reached by a thief.


Fool Intruders into Thinking Someone is Home

 A clever way to protect your home involves taking steps to fool intruders into thinking your home is not empty. You can do this by making sure to leave at least one car in your driveway or calling a friend up to housesit while you’re gone. In addition, having a friend or trusted neighbor pick up your mail also gives intruders the impression someone is still home.

At the same time, the best move you can make to be sure intruders think there is someone home is to set timers on your indoor lights, television sets, and other gadgets so that they flicker or turn on and off at your touch. This is a classic method homeowners use to keep their homes safe, but make sure to stick to a realistic plan: never make the mistake off turning on too many lights, as it makes your trick feel forced and makes any potential intruder fixate on your home. To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to create a schedule.


Mitigate Possible Power Surges

An unintended consequence of leaving your home to go on holiday is that you might be absent when a power surge strikes. Power surges occur when your electrical circuits overload and short out, often due to power grids or thunderstorms. If your home is caught up in a power surge, there’s a possibility your plugged-in gadgets could sustain damage. As a result, it’s generally recommended you unplug your computer, television set, lamps, electronics and other relevant appliances before you leave on your trip. As an added measure, after unplugging your devices, check to see that your smoke alarms are functioning as they should.



So, you see, keeping your house secure while you’re on holiday is a very careful and time-consuming process. From the most basic steps like locks, safes, and alarms, to steps you have probably never contemplated—like how much you display on your social media page—every tip can impact how well your home is protected while you’re away relaxing on your dream vacation. Therefore, to have peace of mind, homeowners should pay attention to and follow these suggestions. Making arrangements in advance, whether it be with your friends or your neighbors, is often the best course of action to avoid forgetting a step and putting your home at risk in a situation where you are helpless due to distance.

Relaxation and de-stressing are important for you, your family, and your mental health. In the interest of taking full advantage of your hard-to-come-by vacation time and keeping your mind clear and focused on your enjoyment for the time that it lasts, it’s worth it to coordinate with your family early and tackle these steps head-on. It will save you anxiety, time, and maybe even money.

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