fbpx New Homes for sale in Atlanta GA

New Homes for sale in Atlanta GA

New Homes for sale in Atlanta GA

In Atlanta, GA, finding your dream home is not just about browsing through listings of beautiful homes and checking opened houses in the area. A bit of research and planning is required to get the perfect home. At Tamra Wade Team, we have a list of new homes for sale in Atlanta, GA, that can meet your needs and budget. Here is our guide to how we can help you find your dream house in Atlanta, GA. 

We work out your budget.

Deciding how much you can spend is the first step to finding your dream home. It's easy to get caught up when browsing through new homes you can't afford. Therefore, you need to tell us if there is a hard line that you can't reach regarding price. If not, you'll love houses that are above your price range, and homes within your budget won't even get a second glance. At Tamra Wade Team, we'll work with your budget and make the buying process go smoothly.

We'll review your requirements.

We'll consider the requirements you aren't willing or able to compromise and review them with you. How many people will live in the new home? Do you need a home that has plenty of space? Do you have pets? If you plan to live with others or have a family, sit down with them to find out what they need. It is a great idea to put everyone's consideration in mind. We'll then make a list of the must-haves items in your prospective home. 

We take note of your preferences.

We'll try to know what you love to have in your dream house. These features may include amenities like a study room or a fireplace. These are things that will make your new home special. To avoid any mistakes, it's best to involve your family member in this step. Have it in your mind that we might not be able to help you find a home with all the features you need, but if you have extra space in the house, you might be able to make changes.

We'll look at different homes.

Our team will go out and see some properties. We'll schedule viewings and visits at the time you are available. We don't overwhelm our clients with houses even though it's convenient to see more than one property in a day. We take pictures of each house, write down the key features and what they are missing so that you can decide if you are willing to check the house. 

Let's Get Started Today

Located in Atlanta, GA, Tamra Wade Team are the real estate specialists you need when finding your dream home. We offer a new level of expertise with years of real estate experience in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding communities. We can't wait to know you and share the joy and excitement of finding your dream home. Contact us today at 770-502-6230 to discover the best new construction homes in GA.

New Homes for sale in Atlanta GA
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New Homes for sale in Atlanta GA
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