fbpx New Construction Homes in Atlanta

New Construction Homes in Atlanta

New Construction Homes in Atlanta

Searching for new homes in Atlanta, GA is a time-consuming process. Starting the search for the property, finding a location in the desired area, finding properties that have characteristics and amenities adapted to our preferences, among others, generate additional stress in the life of those looking for a new home. Time plays a fundamental role in deciding to do it with a company like ours or to try our luck in another way.

When you're looking for new homes for sale in Atlanta, GA, you usually want to live in an immaculate apartment in perfect condition. These are the expectations of those who opt for a newly built home, from which they expect modernity, optimal materials, and the incorporation of new technologies. 

If you are one of those who hope that your purchase does not generate headaches a couple of months later because the materials deteriorate or something stops working, the best option is to buy your new home with us at Tamra Wade.

We have years of experience in the real estate market and have managed the best and newest home communities in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are the top five benefits of buying new construction homes in Atlanta, GA, with our company:

Forget about needing to make renovations or repairs

The first advantage of acquiring your new home with us is that our constructions do not need renovations or repairs. You will be able to enjoy your new home built to the highest quality standards and with the highest energy efficiency, which will save you costs down the road.

You will live in a privileged location

One of the most important criteria for evaluating new construction homes and plans in Atlanta, GA, is the project's location. Our new home communities are in the best areas of the state, and we have options of different sizes so you can find a home that truly suits you and your family's needs.

The ability to purchase a home off-plan

We offer off-plan homeownership for those who are not in a hurry to move. This means that you will be able to evaluate the construction process of your new home from start to finish, not to mention that the entry prices for this type of operation are much lower than those you would see when buying a home that has already been built.


Unlike used homes, when you purchase a new property, you will generally be covered (sometimes for up to one year) for any deterioration or malfunction of the building materials. Your new home and all the things in it are new from and are protected by a builder's warranty. 


Finally, purchasing a new home is much safer, not only in terms of your investment but also in personal safety. All of the built-in circuitry, locks, and appliances have been properly installed and tested, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

If you are ready to find your new home, contact the Tamra Wade Team to discover the best new construction homes in GA: 770-502-6230


New Construction Homes in Atlanta
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New Construction Homes in Atlanta
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